Professor Inauguration Ceremony

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At VINSKI TOWER, we bring the services of world-class anti-aging to you


Integrated anti-aging services, all available in a strategically located 10-storey building. The only Anti-Aging centre monitored and accredited by WOCPM (World Council for Preventive Medicine).

Direct consultation with foremost International experts in anti-aging.

• Anti-aging Hormone therapy specifically tailored for your condition

• A Genetic test you only need to do once in a lifetime to detect and prevent degenerative disease

• Men 's Clinic with comprehensive male Vitality Programme, including Premium hair transplantation

• Prevention Cardiology: advanced tools without surgery and injections, including External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP) latest generation, to maintain heart health

• Ladies’ clinic for women, with a nurse and therapist for women

• Pre-wedding Check up and Therapy

• Slimming centre for nanoslimming, meso lipo and FDA-approved Zerona lipolaser

• Plastic surgery centre (blepharoplasty, nose augmentation/reduction, chin augmentation, buccal fat removal and liposuction with Post-Surgery Hair and Beauty salons

• Teenage and Youth Center : bio hormon for growing taller, improved learning ability, slimming, acne treatment, brightening / whitening the skin with natural ingredients.e

• Stemcell Laboratories & Research. With autologous stem cells therapy from the patient's body with the latest Stem Cell Station system, closed and sophisticated cell counter

• Dental & Orthodontic clinic

• Face lift with patient’s own fat stem cells to rejuvenate the face, forehead, smile lines, back of the hand

• Ballroom facilities for seminars, workshops, weddings and private parties

• Penthouse for VVIP patients and families with Roof Top garden and marble jogging track