Preventive and Anti-Aging medicine is booming and gaining a reputation for excellence in the world. A growing number of patients from neighboring countries as well as from Europe and America are travelling to Jakarta for their anti-aging therapy. Why? Because the Anti-Aging expert elected as President of the organization's prestigious World Council for Preventive and Anti-Aging medicne is an Indonesian doctor: Prof. Dr. Deby Vinski is a standard-bearer for the nation who shares her expertise as a speaker in major developed countries in the world.

Indonesia now has a medical specialist to develop a Centre for Preventive & Anti-Aging medicine using advanced technology to international standards. Vinski Tower is a symbol of today's health with state-of-the-art therapies which also houses a secretariat office for WOCPM (World Council Of Preventive Medicine), perhaps better known as the Accreditation Board of the Anti-Aging World. WOCPM counts 74 countries as members and its president is Prof. Dr. Deby Vinski, MScAA, PhD of Indonesia.

The exclusive Vinski tower is comprised of 10 floors and is located on Jl. Pondok Pinang Raya no. 22, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta on a major transport hub within easy reach of the motorway to the airport or 5 minutes to Pondok Indah Mall. The Tower is equipped with a large parking area, comprehensive patient facilities and show-cases sophisticated, high-tech and modern classic design which is very beautiful, elegant, exclusive and luxurious but still feels comfortable like home.

In addition, Vinski Tower will have a Stem Cell Research Centre and provide treatment for stroke, diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2 and cardiovascular disease as well as other degenerative diseases. It is equipped with sophisticated equipment under the supervision of the Accreditation Board's Anti-Aging (WOCPM) entity. Drs. H. M. Jusuf Kalla, now in his second term as Vice-President of Indonesia, is a member of the World Advisory Council and a Stem Cell room perpetuates his name as a major supporter of Anti-Aging medicine.

Patient services are handled by professional practitioners, expert consultants in the Anti-Aging world with a friendly and professional attitude towards patients. There is also a VMA Bank and ATM centre as well as a ballroom for health seminars, public lectures, WOCPM meetings, seminars with several leading universities in the world and Indonesian State/Private Universities. The Ballroom will be open to the public. A Plastic Surgery Centre is purpose built with an adjoining hair & beauty salon for patient post surgery. There are Anti-Aging check-up centres with hormone specialists, a Teenager Clinic, skin care that is safe and reliable, a Slimming Centre, Nano Slimming, Zerona Lipolaser and Liposuction. There is a special floor for men (Men's Clinic) and a floor exclusively for women (Ladies’ Clinic). The penthouse is super luxurious and equipped with a Rooftop Garden and Marble Jogging Track on floor 10 so that the patient will feel comfortable, relax and enjoy a beverage and organic foods that are good for slimming after the therapy.

Vinski Tower will provide a focus as a Medical Tourism destination and symbolize the readiness of Indonesian doctors to participate in new developments. They borrowed the title ‘the Queen of Anti-aging’ for Prof. Dr. Deby Vinski as a tribute to her active role in this field. Indonesia is a large country and Indonesian doctors are proud not only to host the land itself but with the presence of Vinski Tower as a focal point may contribute to the nation and the people of Indonesia as well as Internationally. The tower provides an opportunity for Indonesian and International doctors or institutions to work and cooperate in the field of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine.